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Custom software for the connected world

Your trusted partner in delivering high-profile products at the intersection of physical and digital. 
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Helping brands build digital products

Since 2008 we have worked with some of the biggest brands and the coolest startups out there.
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Covering product lifecycle end-to-end

Building digital products is a complex undertaking. 
We have the expertise to help you throughout the process.
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Tell us about your business goals and needs so we can provide you with insights and help plan the work.
• Consumer testing
• Deep R&D
• Prototyping
Start off with a rough product idea and we will help you flesh it out with UX and UI design of your application.
• UX / UI Design
• MVP Development
• Code Review
All designs in place? Have our team of experienced developers turn them into a working product.
• Team Augumentation
• Quality Audit
• UX/UI Design
Reinvent your product to delight your customers. We'll help you to extend or improve the functionality.
• Workstream Pod
• Quality Audit
• UX/UI Design
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From a bold idea 
to a prototype
It takes less than two weeks to answer critical business questions through design, prototyping, and  testing ideas with real users.
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Innovative projects we've partnered on

We have been delivering digital products that have a huge impact on the market.
Intent case study thumbnail - Oura
Intent case study logo - Oura
mobile app • design • development
Oura is the world’s first wellness ring and mobile app that track sleep, activity and physiological responses in your body.
Intent case study thumbnail - S Case
Intent case study logo - S Case
mobile app • design
S-Case is a portable smart device that streamlines the diagnostic process and speeds up treatment decisions.
Intent case study thumbnail - eVici
Intent case study logo - eVici
mobile app • design • development
eVici is a mobile app that pairs with a dedicated eVidi smart device that allows you measure the state of your house

Clutch reviews say it all

From startups to corporations, we help all types of businesses in managing their product. 
They provide a very professional service, with highly skilled team members and a very accurate approach.
Director of Corporate Business Development, 
McIntosh Group Inc.
From my point of view, they are a pretty friend and agile company, which helped with the communication part.
Programmer, Medical Device Startup
It's not just an app to them; they genuinely understand and take ownership of our project goals.
Founder, Nonprofit Organization
Given the quality and the speed of their work, they are easily the most cost-efficient partner
Former Advisor, Audio Startup
Contact us to find out how we help take your product from idea to implementation.
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Intent software house logo - home page
Location: Wilcza 46, 00-679 Warsaw
About us
.intent (formerly inFullMobile) is an international digital product design & development studio delivering software at the intersection of digital and physical.
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