September 5, 2018

Electronics: what’s that? [New Series]

Kondrat Kielar

So you would like to start doing IoT stuff? That’s great! IoT is not only a really satisfying thing to do, but it’s also not as hard as you might think! If you are not using existing modules, then IoT requires also some electronics knowledge. Based on my observations, a lot of people don’t really understand how basic electronic components work. Let’s change it!

Let me invite you to my new series: “Electronics: what’s that?”. We will go through the most popular components used for creating electronic circuits. After you get familiar with the specific component, I’ll give you some examples of usage of those in IoT! 🙂

But what are really electronic components? These are parts you can use to build your own device. Like Lego, but a little bit harder to put together.
Along with its characteristics and physical aspects, we will learn symbols associated with every part. So, after all, you will be able to read and write your own circuit diagrams.

What will you find in this series?

#1 resistors

#2 capacitors

#3 diodes

#4 coils

#5 transistors

#6 LED diodes

And additionally:

  • breadboards and prototype boards
  • Arduino
  • Reed switches
  • PCB Boards

as these are also widely used in the electronics world.

I hope this series will be a breakthrough point in your IoT journey!

Kondrat Kielar is a Software Developer at inFullMobile, an international digital product design and development studio based in Warsaw, Poland.

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Written by
Kondrat Kielar

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